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We went to SpIFF…. A lot!

This week kicked off the beginning of the Spokane International Film Festival. Kendra and I have been in love with this for about 4 years now. It’s just an awesome way to see movies you might never have seen otherwise. SpIFF brings in films from all over the world and the United States and gives you the opportunity to step out of yourself for a moment and see another point of view. Sometimes it is really challenging and thought provoking, other times its just humorous and fun to see another perspective.

 Either way it is so fun and I highly recommend it. We saw a few films but I have made links to the ones I have enjoyed the most. So far my favorites have beenThe SandmanCrime after Crime, and Natural Selection. 

http://youtu.be/yPXH-N1LATE  (The Sandman)

http://youtu.be/EEJtRbZkbyA    (Natural Selection)

http://youtu.be/IGmABtWq8jA   (Crime After Crime)

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