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What I’ve been listening to lately; And the tracks I would highly recommend!

1. Showbread- Cancer

  • I’m Afraid That I’m Me
  • Anarchy!
  • Escape From Planet Cancer
  • You Will Not Die In A Prison

2. The Classic Crime- Phoenix

  • You and Me Both
  • Glass Houses
  • Beautiful Darkside
  • What I’d Give Up

3. Write This Down- lost Weekend

  • The Older I Get, The Better I was
  • See Ya Never
  • Crash & Burn
  • Lost Weekend

4. Motion City Soundtrack- Go

  • Circuits & Wires
  • Timelines
  • Everyone Will Die
  • The Worst Is Yet To Come

5. The Wedding- No Direction

  • In The End
  • The Lesser Worth
  • Kill Any Excuse
  • Heartbreak In Melody

6. MxPx- Plans Within Plans

  • The Times
  • Best of Times
  • Far Away
  • Inside Out

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